Sometimes what we do is difficult to categorize. This section of the portfolio
demonstrates the result of some special projects, often done in 
collaboration with other creative talents, that have stretched us beyond 
our familiar range of experience.

The Dalai Lama Foundation

We had the unique opportunity to work in collaboration with renowned
lettering artist Georgia Deaver, in the creation of a trademark for 
The Dalai Lama Foundation, a global non-profit organization devoted
to ethics and peace in the world.


In collaboration with emerging mosaic artist, Cate Thomassen, we created her “shardArtist” identity, and integrated that look into a blog site design and company collateral.


In collaboration with Theron Magic, we co-created an original deck of playing cards targeted to professional magicians and collectors – including the Shifters ambigram logo design – a calligraphic design that incorporates two different readings into the selfsame set of curves. Original illustrations of the Joker and Ace are by Canadian artist Curt Shoultz.


We created an identity and retail packaging for a unique product – a line of aerating glassware invented and manufactured by Mike Dikas.

Insanely Great Products

Branding initiative and product design consultation for a “Made in America” home-grown enterprise. Products are simple, ingenious, hand-made physical platforms targeting the mobile devices market.

The Frozen Sea

Book design, layout and production – an illustrated, deeply personal autobiography authored by Tony Hoeber.

Heritage Bank

Three years of designing and producing the annual report for Heritage Bank


Prototype design for sales and promotion kit for the display division.


Concept photography addressing networking solutions for small businesses and homes.

The Beat Museum

Branding and transit signage for a mobile museum of artifacts from the beat generation. This was a project drawn from a passion for the ground-breaking creativity of a not-so-distant time in our cultural history. The Beat Museum now has permanent headquarters in North Beach, San Francisco.