Industrial Electric Mfg.

Industrial Electric Mfg.®, (IEM) is the largest independent full-line manufacturer of electrical distribution and power quality equipment in the U.S.

Help a 50 Year Old Business Build a New Image, Improve Awareness in Existing Markets, and Develop New Markets

For over half a century, IEM has delivered innovative, customized electrical distribution products. After a restructuring for a major expansion IEM realized they needed a marketing plan and branding to help them better compete, and ensure objectives were met. Working with partner Mike Dikas, a marketing plan and corporate and product messages were developed that in turn informed a comprehensive new identity system. Company collateral, Web site, and advertising programs helped extend their industry visibility. We then supported the VESTA-AR product launch with product identity, print and online advertising campaigns.

Schaub&Company continues to provide marketing communications and branding expertise in support of IEM’s ongoing growth through acquisitions (IPS), and expansions into new markets (VORTEX UPS).

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