Aurora Algae, Inc.

Aurora Algae™ is a leading producer of high-performance, premium algae-based products for the pharmaceutical, nutrition, aquaculture and fuels markets.

The Company has developed the industry’s first commercial-scale photosynthetic platform for sustainable, algae-based product development.

A New Company Name and Product Strategy Required an Entirely New Identity

Aurora Algae, previously Aurora Biofuels, needed a new corporate identity system reflecting their new name and business strategy. Schaub&Company was retained to create this new identity with a trademark concept and design drawn directly from their deep involvement with biochemistry.

After creating the new identity, we developed a complete integrated design system, extending their new look-and-feel to corporate materials, a new Web site, and collateral system. Subsequently, an identity system and packaging for the A2™ line of algae-based products were created.

Along the way we were recognized with an ADDY award for trademark identity and collateral design.

Aurora has since re-emerged with relevant, cohesive integrated brand solutions that extend across all their marketing communications, facilities, and media.